Smart Grid Modelling

Under the leadership of Brookhaven National Laboratory (U.S.), SIRFN has developed an online platform for a model-centric approach to smart grids. Using an integrated system model (ISM) that captures a one-to-one replica of real utility systems and a new approach to analysis called graph trace analysis (GTA), the modelling platform allows smart inverter testing and similar assessments to be performed using a holistic systems perspective that reveals the effects of technology deployment and interaction at scale without many of the costs of larger-scale field experiments. The results could be used, for example, for analysis of alternative smart grid investments. With the goal to develop an international community of practice for this approach, Brookhaven National Laboratory has begun a series of in-depth trainings for India’s Central Power Research Institute on the use and programming of the model.



Related Media:

S. Hamilton (Brookhaven National Laboratory), R. Broadwater (EDD), Collaborative Smart Grid Modeling and Analysis: Model-Centric Approach, Presentation at SIRFN Participants Meeting, 11 June, 2015.

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