Aggregated Units and Control Reserve: Control reserve market and pre-qualification in Germany 21 March, 2017W. Heckmann (Fraunhofer IWES)
Advanced Laboratory Testing Methods 17 March, 2016 G. Lauss, Z. Miletic, F. Andrén (AIT)
Power System Testing 17 March, 2016P. Vaessen (DNV GL)
Collaborative Smart Grid Modeling and Analysis 9 June, 2015S. Hamilton (Brookhaven National Laboratory), R. Broadwater (EDD)
ISGAN Modeling Collaboration 7 May, 2015 S. Hamilton (Brookhaven National Laboratory), R. Broadwater (EDD)
Advanced Laboratory Testing Methods. Use Case: PHIL Anti-islanding Testing 19 March, 2015B. Lundstrom (NREL)
Power System Testing. Testing requirements in smart systems 19 March, 2015W. Heckmann (Fraunhofer IWES)
Handout to the Presentation "Power System Testing. Testing requirements in smart systems" 19 March, 2015
W. Heckmann (Fraunhofer IWES), P. Vaessen (DNV GL)
Limitations of Digital Simulation and Advantages of PHIL Testing for DG Providing Ancillary Services 19 March, 2015

P. Kotsampopoulos (Smart RUE - NTUA), F. Lehfuss (AIT), G. Lauss (AIT), B. Bletterie (AIT), N. Hatziargyriou (Smart RUE - NTUA)
Advanced Laboratory Testing Methods 19 March, 2015G. Lauss (AIT)
Certification Protocols for Advanced Inverter Functions 17 November, 2014
J. Johnson (Sandia National Laboratories)
SIRFN Power System Testing 17 November, 2014

W. Heckmann (Fraunhofer IWES)
Advanced Laboratory Testing Methods 17 November, 2014G. Lauss, R. Bründlinger (AIT)
TitleAuthorsPlace of publication
Design and Evaluation of SunSpec-Compliant Smart Grid Controller with an Automated Hardware-in-the-Loop TestbedJay Johnson (Sandia), Bob Fox (SunSpec Alliance), Ron Ablinger (AIT), Roland Bründlinger (AIT), Jack Flicker (Sandia)India Smart Grid Week 2017
Evaluation of System-Integrated Smart Grid Devices using Software- and Hardware-in-the-LoopBlake Lundstrom (NREL), Sudipta Chakraborty (NREL), Georg Lauss (AIT), Roland Bründlinger (AIT), Russell Conklin (U.S. Department of Energy)Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT2016) by IEEE, Minneapolis, MN (US), 6-9 September, 2016
DERlab/SIRFN Special Issue of the DER Journal "Pre-standardisation Activities for Grid Integration of Distributed Energy Resources"Ph. Strauss, D. Nestle, J. Ringelstein, S. Engel,
J. Neely, J. Johnson, R. Byrne, R. T. Elliott,´´
K. R. Vadivelu, G. V.Marutheswar
T. M. Sobhy, N. G. A. Hemdan, M. M. Hamada, M. A. A. Wahab
D. Roggo
DER Journal (International Journal of Distributed Energy Resources & Smart Grids), October 2015
International Development of Energy Storage Interoperability Test Protocols for Photovoltaic IntegrationD. Rosewater (Sandia), J. Johnson (Sandia), M. Verga (RSE), R. Lazzari (RSE), C. Messner (AIT), R. Bründlinger (AIT), J. Kathan (AIT), J. Hashimoto (FREA), K. Otani (FREA)31st European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, Hamburg (DE), 14-18 September, 2015
Lab Tests: Verifying That Smart Grid Power Converters Are Truly SmartR. Bründlinger (AIT), T. Strasser (AIT), G. Lauss (AIT), A. Hoke (NREL), S. Chakraborty (NREL), G. Martin (NREL), B. Kroposki (NREL), J. Johnson (Sandia National Laboratories), E. de Jong (DNV GL)IEEE Power and Energy Magazine, vol.13, no.2, pp. 30-42, March-April 2015
Collaborative Development Of Automated Advanced Interoperability Certification Test Protocols For PV Smart Grid Integration J. Johnson (Sandia National Laboratories), R. Bründlinger (AIT), C. Urrego (Universidad del Valle), R. Alonso (TECNALIA)EU PVSEC, Amsterdam (NL) 22-26 September, 2014
Current Trends in DER and Power Converter ValidationJ. Johnson, S. Gonzalez, A. Ellis
(Sandia National Laboratories)
IEEE International Conference on Standards for Smart Grid Ecosystems, Bangalore, India. 6-7 March, 2014
Test Protocols for Advanced Inverter Interoperability Functions (Main Document)
J. Johnson, S. Gonzalez, M. E. Ralph, A. Ellis, R. Broderick
(Sandia National Laboratories)
Sandia National Laboratories, November 2013
Automating the Sandia Advanced Interoperability Test Protocols
J. Johnson (Sandia National Laboratories), B. Fox (Rancho Cordova)
Orange and Rockland Case Study. A “Model-Centric” Approach to Smarter Electric Distribution Systems.Orange and Rockland UtilitiesU.S. Department of Energy (DoE), Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability, October 2012
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