Online: DERlab/SIRFN Special Issue of DER Journal “Pre-standardisation Activities for Grid Integration of DER”

DER Journal CoverIt is impossible to overestimate the significance of pre-standardisation activities for smart grids development. By sharing best practices and methods, comparing testing results, identifying testing issues and possible solutions, we can improve the testing quality and contribute to the harmonisation of global standards. This will have a profound impact on grid regulation and stability, thus minimising grid unbalance and providing room for ancillary services.

In response to this situation, DERlab and SIRFN initiated a special issue “Pre-standardisation Activities in Grid Integration of DER” of the International Journal of Distributed Energy Resources and Smart Grids (DER Journal). Aimed at researchers, industry and grid operators, this issue of the DER Journal covers the following topics:

  • home energy management systems
  • parameter selection of frequency-watt grid support functions
  • optimal placement of energy storage units
  • grid codes analysis
  • electromagnetic interferences in distribution grids

Here you can find the complete DERlab/SIRFN Special Issue of the DER Journal “Pre-standardisation Activities for Grid Integration of DER”.

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