Joint SIRFN/DERlab workshops

On 19 March, 2015, SIRFN and DERlab organised two workshops on Power System Testing and Advanced Laboratory Testing Methods in Fontainebleau (FR) at the premises of EDF:

1. Joint SIRFN/DERlab Workshop on Power System Testing

In the course of the transition from a passive distribution grid to an integrated smart system, we face several challenges, such as the growing complexity of grid operation and the changing roles of actors in the field. The workshop participants addressed the topic of how power system testing and use cases can contribute to solving those issues.

Moderation: W. Heckmann, Fraunhofer IWES

Power System Testing. Testing requirements in smart systems. W. Heckmann (Fraunhofer IWES)

2. Joint SIRFN/DERlab Workshop on Advanced Laboratory Testing Methods

The methods of laboratory testing of electrical power systems are enhanced by novel simulation techniques, such as real-time simulation and in particular power-hardware-in-the-loop (PHIL) and controller-hardware-in-the-loop (CHIL) testing. Workshop presentations and discussions focused on the following potential implementations of use cases:

RLC - Anti-Island Testing (PHIL)
LVRT - Ride-Through-Testing (PHIL, CHIL)
ICT - communication emulation (CoSim, CHIL)

Moderation: G. Lauss, Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT).

Advanced Laboratory Testing Methods. G. Lauss (AIT)
Limitations of Digital Simulation and Advantages of PHIL Testing for DG Providing Ancillary Services. P. Kotsampopoulos (Smart RUE - NTUA), F. Lehfuss (AIT), G. Lauss (AIT), B. Bletterie (AIT), N. Hatziargyriou (Smart RUE - NTUA)
Advanced Laboratory Testing Methods. Use Case: PHIL Anti-islanding Testing. B. Lundstrom (NREL)