Joint SIRFN/DERlab Workshop “Power System Testing”: Defining Emergency Blackout and Restoration Testing Procedure

In the course of the transition from a passive distribution grid to an integrated smart system, we face several challenges, such as the growing complexity of grid operation and the changing roles of actors in the field. The Network Code on Emergency and Restoration (NC ER) is a key factor in ensuring security and continuity of electricity supply across Europe, as it deals with procedures and remedial actions to be applied in the emergency, blackout and restoration states. This involves preparation of system defence, system restoration and re-synchronisation plans in advance, dealing with information exchange, procedures for operating when a system enters into one of these states and ad-hoc analysis of the incidents. Although NC ER requires compliance testing of TSO, DSO and the grid user’s significant capabilities, no specific testing procedures of these compliance tests are defined.

With the aim to identify how power system testing could help define these testing procedures, SIRFN and its Operating Agent DERlab organised a joint workshop on power system testing as a side event of the DERlab General Assembly in Brno (CZ) on 17 March, 2016. Workshop participants discussed how power system testing and the use cases considered can contribute to solving the problems of complex grid operation and the changing roles of actors.

Joint workshop Brno 17.03.2016 AIT The workshop began with an introduction on SIRFN by Mihai Calin (DERlab) and an update on the SIRFN technical topic “Advanced Laboratory Testing Methods” by the topic leader Georg Lauss (AIT).
Joint workshop Brno 17.03.2016 DNV GL Afterwards, Peter Vaessen (DNV GL) presented recent activities in the SIRFN technical topic “Power System Testing” and the NC ER. In this context, workshop participants chose a new use case “Emergency, Blackout and Restoration Testing Procedure” for discussions. Following the objective of the technical topic “Power System Testing” of categorising testing tasks in future power systems and defining the needs in the test case development, the participants applied the usual approach in their use case definition and identified specific testing needs in the selected use case.
Approach_ joint workshop Brno 17.03.2016 SIRFN and specifically the “Power System Testing” technical topic will follow through with this approach by describing current testing activities and procedures, identifying the required testing capabilities, mapping these capabilities to existing state-of-the-art research facilities and identifying possible gaps.

You can find the presentations held at the workshop, as well as other SIRFN resources, here.