Joint SIRFN-ELECTRA Workshop: Testing and Research Infrastructure for Future Power Grids


24 October, 2016 – Niagara Falls (CA) Over 30 Smart Grids specialists took part in the workshop “Testing and Research Infrastructure for Future Power Grids” organized by IEA ISGAN Annex 5: SIRFN and ELECTRA FP7 European project where they discussed requirements for future research infrastructures (RI) development. The presentations gave an overview of the current RI involved in ELECTRA and SIRFN activities. The discussions evolved around clarifying the RI need for solving specific issues related to future decentralised grid controls, future power system testing, grid flexibility and advanced DER interoperability.


The International Smart Grid Action Network: An Introduction
The ELECTRA IRP: Objectives and Approach
Research Infrastructures Use and Further Needed Development
Research Infrastructures used for Advanced Laboratory Testing and Smart Grid Modelling
Decentralized Grid Control: Similarities and Differences between Web of Cell (WoC) Concept and Micro-Grids Approaches
Power System Testing
Enhanced grid Flexibility as Provided by Storage and Innovative Control
Test Protocols for Advanced DER Interoperability Functions Including Extension to Storage